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All Gave Some, Some Gave All

Greater Houston's  Wall of Faces


This is a project for everyone who cares about this country, who cares about the military and who appreciates the sacrifices that have been made. It’s up to us to make sure that courage and selflessness like this is not forgotten.


The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Fund and CEO Jim Knotts provided the names of the Service Members. All those listed of the wall were registered into the service while residing in counties of Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Waller, Liberty, Chambers, and Galveston.  


Our goal is to collect stories and photos for each of the 544 names listed here. If you are family, friends, or served with any of these service members, you may contact us using the form below.

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Service Men Listed By County

Brazoria County 21 Fallen Warriors

* Please let us know if a name has been misspelled or if a name is not here that should be added.*

Black Background

Alvin - 6 Killed In Action

Alford Jr., CLP George Allen  Brown, PFC Donald Gene

Dixon Jr., PFC William Alfred

Fracione, CLP Frederick R

King, PFC Carson Milo

Plaster Jr., CLP Bill Joe CLP

Angleton - 4 Killed In Action

Cherry, SSG James L

Cotton, CWO Charles Michael

Lambert, PO3 Walter Dennis

Simons, SGT Garvis Keith

Brazoria- 1 Killed In Action

Nevels, SP4 John A

Clute - 1 Killed In Action

LCPL James R Majors

Damon, 1 Killed In Action

Ferguson, PFC Thomas A

Freeport, 1 Killed In Action

Chuter, PO2 John D

Lake Jackson, 1 Killed In Action

Blair, SP4 Thomas Arthur

Pearland,2 Killed In Action

Fernandez Jr., SFC Margarito

Pena Jr., SFC Joe

Rosharon, 1 Killed In Action

Sanders, CPL Clyde Douglas

Sweeny, 2 Killed In Action

Hardwick, LCPL Rockne L

Swinford lll, PFC Frank L

West Columbia, 1 Killed In Action

Moran, WO Joe M

Chambers County 16 Fallen Warriors

Anahuac, 1 Killed In Action

Humphrey, CPL Charles E'

Baytown, 14 Killed In Action

Carter Jr., 2LT James Douglas

Drynan , SSG Arthur W

Fisher Jr., CLP Royal Clifton

Hale, PFC Robert Lawrence

Humphrey, PFC Victor James

Kilgore, CLP Charles Howard

Pena, SP4 Daniel Pena

Roberts, PFC Thurston Craig

Simmons, PFC Jake A

Smelser, PFC Roger Wayne

Sonnier, SP4 Albert Wilber

Spangler, CLP George Owen

Tameyoza, SP4 Noe

Wilder, SGT Ronald Frederick

Winnie, 2 Killed In Action

Comeaux, PFC Joseph Bernille

Parnell, CPL Billy Ray

Black Background

Arcola, 1 Killed In Action

Berger, CPL Dixie C

Needville, 2 Killed In Action

DeLuna Jr, CPL Manuel

Flores Jr, PFC Antonio

Richmond, 4 Killed In Action

Becerra, SSG Rudy Morales

Clay Jr., CPL Herman Allen

Corrales, PFC Richard Mendoza

Fendley, CPL Joel David

Rosenberg, 2 Killed In Action

Cox, SSG Gary Lee

Hibbler, SP5 Richard Wayne

Stafford, 2 Killed In Action

Medina, CPL Arthur

Ortiz, PFC Pedro Moreno

Fort Bend County 11 Fallen Warriors
Galveston County 58 Fallen Warriors

Bacliff, 1 Killed In Action

Padget, PFC Dallas L

Dickerson, 1 Killed In Action

Flagg, SSGT Alton O

Friendswood, 1 Killed In Action

Roach, CLP Johnny Franklin

Galveston, 32 Killed In Action

Allen lll, SP4 Andrew A

Beran lll, LCPL Frank H

Booth, LCPL John B

Bovio, CPT Richard S

Clement Jr, CPT Gregory C

Cole Jr, SGT Claude

D’Agrella, PFC Michael L

Gallardo, CPL Armando

Gallardo, MAJ Harper B

Garcia, PFC Richard

Haney, LCPL Perry E

Kempner, 2LT Marion L

Kimling, PFC Miles W

Lile ll, SP4 Joe C

Limbrick, SGT Allen I

Martinez Jr, SGT Sixto R

Muller Jr, SGT Walter

Najar Jr, CPL Alfred S

Nance, A1C Richard A

O’Hara, SP4 John P

Pate, 1LT Milton D

Pitts, PFC Robert A

Ramos Jr, LCPL Felix R

Sabatier Jr, SP4 Charles J

Serenil, PFC Ricardo

Silvee, PFC Herman W

Stelter Jr, CPL Nyman W

Torreros, PFC Joes

Tyler, SGT Larry J

Valusek, SGT Dennis W

Winters, SP4 John L

Woodcock, PFC Michael K

Hitchcock, 1 Killed In Action

Mangun, SGT Sam H

Kemah, 3 Killed In Action

Benson , SGT Guye Raymond

Cumbry , PFC John Edward

Tharp , SGT Jerry Donald

La Marque, 7 Killed In Action

Batson, PFC Michael O

Enmon, SP4 David J

Fleming, LCPL Sidney W

Horton Jr, 2LT Harry W

Lightfoot, PFC Belvin

Loftis, A1C Joel C

Wilt Jr, LCPL John W

League City, 1 Killed In Action

Floyd, Sp4 James Milton

San Leon, 2 Killed In Action

Boehm, PFC Larry Joe

Cleveland, PFC Melvin R

Texas City, 9 Killed In Action

Bice, CPL Quinton Morgan

Craig, SP4 Wain Perry

Herrington, SGT Charles Edward

Hillman, CPL Ronald Arwed

Hood, PFC Rufus

McCarty, SGT Glenn Weldon

Medley, SP4 John R

Spencer, SGT Robert Dale

Steinbach, LCPL Thomas Raymond

Harris County 407 Fallen Warriors
Black Background

Bellaire, 3 Killed In Action

Callaway, 1LT Michael Rogers

Driscoll, CLP Victor Michael

Stephens Jr., SP4 William

Channelview, 4 Killed In Action

Brown, LCPL Billy Edward

Bryant, CLP Alvia Grady

Cherry, SSG James L

Lindsey, PFC William Royal

Manning, 1LT John Edward

Deer Park, 3 Died Due to

Hostile Action

King, SSG Jack Lloyd

Mareck, CPL Raymond Donald

Meredith, SP4 Clyde Peyton

Galena Park, 3 Killed In Action

Goodwin, PFC Charles Ray

Johnson, SP4 Roy L

Spillers lll, LCLP Leroy

Highlands, 2 Killed In Action

Goodman, SSG James A

Kittrell, PFC Larry Don

Humble, 2 Killed In Action

Condon, CPT Russell William

Watt, PFC Robert Lee

Jacinto City, 1 Killed In Action

Holt, Pfc Ronald Walter

La Porte, 3 Killed In Action

Baker Jr., A1C Kenneth Earl

Phillips, SP4 Roger Lee

Platt, SGT Billy Wayne

New Waverley, 1 Killed In Action

Noviski, CPL Bernis Joseph

 Pasadena, 22 Killed In Action

Alford, CWO Terry Lanier

Baker Jr., SGT Robert Benton

Bonin, SGT Bobby Joe

Caldwell, PFC Merlin Francis

Carter, SGT Ardon William

Connevey, 1LT Layne Hale

Culver, PVT William Ronald

Greenwood, TSGT James William

Hamilton, SP4 Robert David

Hardin, SP4 James Richard

Hotchkiss III, PFC Letroy Case

Howard, PO3 Bruce Lee

Jablonsky Jr., CPT Edmond A

Mc Nelis Jr., PO2 Frank Charles

Nicholas Jr., PFC Paul Russell

Page, SP6 Edgar De Witt

Radford, PFC Gary Monroe

Smith Jr., LTC Warren Parker

Sparks, LCPL James Henry

Stoll, SP4 George Ludwig

Westerfield, 2LT Frank Brown

Seabrook, 1 Killed In Action

Schaefer, PFC John Steve

South Houston, 3 Killed In Action

French, LCPL Douglas Robert

Hopkins, CPL Gary Wayne

Reynolds, PFC Larry Allen

Tomball, 2 Killed In Action

Curtis, SP4 Herbert Ray

Martin, SP4 Lonnie Gene

From Harris County There Are 407 KIA 
357 Were Enlisted In Houston Texas



Aalund, SGT James Downing

Adams lll, CLP Bert Morris

Adams, MAJ Hughie Darrell

Adams, PFC Ted W

Adams, SP4 George Gayral

Aguilar Jr, CPL Nick Alfred

Aleen Jr, SGT Earnest

Alexander, LTJG Dewey Lee

Allen, PFC John Willis

Anderson, LCPL Richard Allen

Antrich, SSG Jerry Leon

Ashford, CPL Henry Lewis

Ashmore, LCPL Laurence Ray

Austin, LCPL Riley Clayton

Bacik, LTC Vladimir Henry

Baker, SSGT Allen James

Barnett, CDR Charles Edward

Barnett, PFC Jimmy Dalton

Bass, PFC Joe Harrell

Batson, SGT Robert Filmore

Battle, PFC Joseph Chriss

Bell, MAJ Robert Graham

Belt, SP4 Robert Eric

Benge, LCPL Larry Wayne

Bergquist, WO Eric Emanuel

Berry, SP4 David Loyall

Bird Jr, PFC Jackie Dean

Blalock, PFC Gherald Edward

Blissett, SP4 Jimmie Ray

Bloodsworth, SP4 Larry Will

Bourgeois, PFC Leroy Anthony

Bourgeois, PFC Tommy

Brown Jr, PFC Dewey Hearrell

Brown Jr, SP4 Owen Davis

Brown, LCPL Robert Allon

Buller, PFC Rene Aldo

Burciaga, SP4 Albert

Burge, CPL Ben Carlos

Burke, WO Joseph Scott

Burnette, PFC Michael Robert

Butcher, SSG Davis Carroll

Byars, LCPL Earnest Ray

Byrd, LCPL Arthur Malcolm

Calderon, PFC Cesario

Callison, Pfc Donald Joseph

Cameron, 1LT Gerald Wayne

Canter, CAPT Ronald M

Carroll, PFC Michael David

Carroll, WO Wesley Womble

Castillo, PFC Jose Jaime

Champion, SSG James Albert

Chitwood, SSG Roy Duke

Cline lll, PFC Joseph Oliver

Cochran Jr, PFC Isom Carter

Cockrell, SP4 Wilber R

Coker, LCPL Troy Orion

Coleman, SSG Bobby Walter

Collins Jr, SP4 William Elice 

Colunga, PFC George

Connacher, LCPL Ronnie Edward

Cooley, SP4 Harvey Lynn

Cooper, SP5 James William

Cope, CPL Charles Ricky

Copp, SP4 Barry Alan

Cordova, SSGT John Barelas

Cormier, PFC Francis Joseph

Courtney, 1LT Allen Wesley

Coy, SP4 Ben

Craft, SP4 James

Crossley, SGT Michael Lee

Crouch, LCPL Jimmy Leeland

Crum Jr, 2LT Robert H

Darrett, PFC Tyrone

Davis, PFC Willie Edward

Davis, Pvt Jon Eric

Davis, SP4 Robert Charles

Davis, SP4 Robert Ford

De La Paz Jr, SP4 Hilario

De Voe, PFC Michael Eugene

Dehart, PFC Donnie Ray

Delgado, PFC Gilbert Trevinio

Dennis, CPL Dan Michael

Denton, SGT Bobby Lee

Dimock Jr, 1LT James Albert

Dobroski, SP4 John Lee

Doose, PFC Gary Lee

Douglas, Conn, 1LT James

Dudley Jr, 1LT Lawrence Wesley

Duke, MAJ George Glenn

Dunbar, PFC Allen Sevarn

Eaden, SGT William Henry

Ehlers, SP4 Douglas Gary

Fahey Jr, CAPT Joseph Michael

Fan, SGT Gary Lee

Farley Jr, SP4 Robert Jerry

Fernandez, SFC William Matthew

Findley, PFC Robert Dennis

Fitzsimmons, 1LT Larry Lee

Floyd, CPL Larvon

Freeman, CPL Steven Forrest

Friel, LCPL John Charles

Frierson, SGT Eddie Tyree

Fuller, MAJ William Otis

Garcia, SP4 David Adame

Garrett Jr, SP4 Eugene

Garrett, SGT Thomas Steven

Garza, SGT Vicente

Gatlin, CPL Ivan Webster

Gibbs, PFC Raymond Andrew

Gillespie, MSG Lloyd Dean

Goggan, CPL Herbert Gary

Golemon Jr, SGT Floyd Edward

Gomez, CPL Xavier

Gonzales, PFC Pedro Chavarria

Gregg, SP5 Johnny Glen

Grier, CN Jimmie Lee

Grimes, LCPL Gary Dempsy

Grisby, CPL Don Lee


Hacker, SP4 Thomas Ewald

Hadnott, PFC Gary Anderson

Hale, PFC Henry Maurice Staffor

Halt,m CPL Ardon

Hamil, 1LT Louis William

Hardie, PO2 Charles David

Hardy, CPL Abraham Lincoln

Harper, CPL Robert Edward

Harrell, PFC James Randolph

Harris, SP4 Billy Dean

Harris, SP4 Ned Henry

Hauger, PFC Kevin Jeffrey

Havemann, WO James Edward

Haverkamp, SSG Austin William

Hawkins lll, SGT Philip

Hernandez, PFC William Anthony

Hicks, SP4 Levil

Hill, A2C Richard Dale

Hill, PO3 Raymond Jerome

Hillard, SGT William Earl

Hillin, LCPL Douglas Wayne

Hinson, SP4 Thomas Allen

Hochmuth, MAJGEN Bruno Arthur

Hoelscher, PFC John Michael

Hoggatt, PFC Joseph Lee

Honey, 1LT Richard Lance

House, SSG John Lee

Howe, CPT Olan Joseph

Hubbard, SSG W D

Hudson, PFC Kenneth Wayne

Hughes lll, SP4 John Raymond

Hurst, SSG Jake Edward

Ibarra, LCPL Mike Gomez

Irby, PFC Donald Reece

Isom, PVT Theodore

Jackson, CLP David Leon

Jackson, PFC Alpha Ray

Jackson, PFC Lawrence

James, SSG Bobby Joe

Jasso, PFC Martin

Jenkins, PVT Roland Hayes

Jennings, CLP Timothy Paul

Jimenez, PFC Joseph Arthur

Johnson, PFC Charles Ray

Johnson, SGT Claude Lee

Johnson, SN August David

Johnson, SP4 Carl Thomas

Jones, CPL Gary William

Jones, PFC George Allen

Jones, SP4 Jimmie Douglas

Jordan, SP4 Robert Clayton

Joseph, Serna, CPL Philip

Kaplon Jr, CPL Phillip Felix

Keefe, MSG Richard Carlysle

Keel, SGT David Lattimore

Kelly, CPL John Franklin

Kerr Jr, PFC J L

Key, PO2 Anthony Wayne

Kirby, PFC Gerald

Knight, WO Terry Vascal

Kohanke, CPL Lance Jack

Kollenberg, 1LT Charles Louis

Korolzyk, PFC Ralph Stanley

La Field Jr, CPL William Truman

Lawrence, SP4 Bert Otto

Lee Jr, PFC Marion Leonard

Lewis, LCPL Stephen Herman

Lewis, SGT Charles Edward

Lindley, PFC Bobby Pat

Lindsey, PFC Jack Wayne

Liserio, PFC Joe Frank

Locket Jr, SGT Robert

Lopez, SGT Jose

Luna, LTC Donald Alfred

Lusk, LCPL Sammy Ray

Maddux, CPL David Allen

Madison, SP4 Cyril Hyman

Mahoney, CPL Timothy Keith

Manning, PFC Jerry

Martinez, PVT Robert R

Mayo, PFC Pike Powers

Mc Aninch, CPL Michael Alan

Mc Cartney, PFC Joseph Byron

Mc Clatchy, SSG Percy W

Mc Intyre, CPL Robert Lewis

Mc Kibben, WO Larry Sims

Mc Shan, SSGT Doyle Allen

Medlin, LCPL John William

Middleton, PFC Homer Ray

Milburn, SSG Albert

Miller, HN David Michael

Mills, LCPL Leonard Mark

Mitcham, FA Charles Emmett

Mitchell Jr, SP4 Torrance

Mitchell, 1LT Michael Lang

Mitchell, LCPL Michael Dennis

Montemayor, PFC Frank DeLeon

Moore Jr, PFC Albert

Morales, CPL Felipe

Morris Jr, SP5 Julius William

Morris, PFC Donald Durwood

Morton, SP5 William Howard

Moudry, SP4Charles Ray

Myers, SGT Donald Wayne

Najar, PFC Miguel Fernando

Neel, PFC Robert Ray

Noland, LCPL Jerry Lynn

Norman, 1LT Marion Henry

Ortiz Jr, CLP Lawrence

Ortiz Jr, SGT Jose Espiridion

Page, PFC John willie

Palmer, SP4 Jesse James

Palmore, CPL Robert Duane

Pantoja Jr, PFC Cipriano J

Patrick, CPL Derek Wilkerson

Patrick, PFC Calvin Ray

Pepple Jr, CPL Carl Franklin

Phelps, PFC Herman Roy

Phillips, PFC Norris Arthur

Pickard, PFC Alfred

Pike, PFC Nixon Dewayne

Pilkenton, PFC Clarence Wesley

Pongratz, SP4 Ronald Eugene

Ramirez, LCPL Juan Jose

Ramsey, CPL Don Michael

Randall, SP4 Delbert Bryan 

Randall, SP4 Garland Jerome

Randolph, SP4 Seth Earl

Ray, 2LT Roland Wooldriedge

Reyner, CPL David Elliot

Richard, SGT Donald Wayne

Richardson, CPL Larry Eugene

Ritch, SP4 Harold Junior

Robbins, PFC Henry Earl

Roberts, PFC Howard Taylor

Robinson, PFC Robert Douglas

Robinson, PO2 Frank Eugene

Rocha, SP4 Raymond Gonzales

Rodriguez, PFC Jesse Nicklus

Roe, Capt Jerry Lee

Roller Jr, SGT Charles Bennette

Roush, MAJ William Wakefield

Roy Jr, PFC Henry John

Royston, SGT Roy Lee

Ruiz, PFC Antonio Elizondo

Ryan, CLPL Robert Dale

Ryan, PFC Lionel Alvarez

Ryza, SP4 Wayne David

branches of service png_edited.png

Salazar, SP5 Robert

Salinas, SGT Ramiro Lopez

Sanchez Jr, LCPL Macario

Sapp, PFC Jeffery Truett

Schilling, SGT George Don

Schmidt Jr, SP4 Dale William

Schroeder, PFC Joe Lawrence

Schulte, SP4 Norman Douglas

See, SP4 Michael Duane

Sharp, FN Stephen Carl

Sharp, PFC Michael Anthony

Shaughnessy Jr, CAPT John Frances

Shelton, PFC Darwin Hugh

Shimek, PFC Albert Lawrence

Simon, PFC Thomas James

Simpson, CPL Melvin Richard

Sinegal, PFC Larry James

Skiles, WO Theodore Van

Slay, PFC Ronnie Glynn

Sloan, SP4 Larry Eugene

Smith, CPL Clifton Thomas

Smith, LCPL Albert John

Smith, PFC Willie Franklin

Smith, SGT Eugene

Smith, SGT James Warren

Smith, SP4 Roy Milton

Solomon, CPL Floyd Dean

Sony, CPL Thomas Anthony

Sparks, Pfc Paul Allan

Spratley, CPL Glenn Eugene

Staley, SSG John Arthur

Stansbury, WO Thomas Rodgers

Stark, SGT Alfred

Steiner, HN Lawrence Terrell

Stilley, SP4 John Wayne

Stone, CPT Byron Clark

Strong, SGT David Allen

Suarez, GYSGT Valentine Berrones

Swanson Jr, SGT Bobby Gene

Swonke Jr, CPL Edward Antone

Tamayo, PFC Joel

Templin Jr, CLPL Erwin Benard

Thomas Jr, PFC Theodore Dave

Thomas Jr, PVT Earl William

Thomas Jr, SP5 Matthew Alonzo

Thomas, LCPL Gerald Lynn

Thompson lll, 1LT Victor Hugo

Thompson, COL William James

Thorn, CPL Clifton Cardell

Tobias, SP4 Billy Lee

Tolleson, PFC Lyndol Earl

Torres, PFC Louis Ferndez

Triggs , SP4 Waymon Leon

Tritico, PFC Michael Joseph

Tucker Jr, CPL James Edward

Tyson, SP4 Larry Preston

Urbanovsky, PFC Robert Eugene

Vale, PFC Tony

Van Sant, CPL John Willard

Vara, PFC Paul Martinez

Verastique, SP5 Johnny Ralph

Votaw, LCPL Marvin Lynn

Vrba Jr, MAJ James Mathew

Wacker, SP4 Joseph Henry

Washington, PFC James Bell

Washington, PVT James B.

Watson, PFC Carnell Earl

White, CPL Larry Joe

Whitlock, PFC Alan D.

Whittlesey, SSG Roy Lee

Williams, LCPL Rufus Timothy

Williams, SF4 Eddie Earl

Willis, SGT Hiney

Wilson, PFC Kerry Frank

Wilson, SP4 Robert Eugene

Witchet, SSG Fred Douglas

Witzkoski, PFC Billy Joe

Wood Jr, PVT Calvin Knight

Wood, CPL Johnny Mac

Woodrum, CPT John James

Wright, PFC Michael Vincent

Wyatt, MAJ Edward William

Young, FA James Edward

Young, SGT Richard Ray

Zamudio Jr, SP4 Benigno


Liberty County
10 Fallen Warriors

Cleveland, 2 Killed In Action

Green, SPS Melvin

Oliver, CPL Robert Lynn

Devers, 1 Killed In Action

Percy, PFC Donald Lee

Liberty, 7 Killed in Action

Baldwin Jr, CPL Nello

Barton, SSGT James Wesley

Hamilton Jr, CPT Robert Lee

Martin, PFC Larry Wayne

Mc Adams, CPT Thomas Arthur

Phears, WO Ronald Gene

Wilkey Jr, GYSGT Emmitt James

Montgomery County
13 Fallen Warriors

Conroe, 9 Killed In Action

Copeland, LCLP Joe Mikel

Gilford, CLP James Arnold

Lowe, CAPT Donald W

Miller, SFC Eddie Lee

Munoz, SGT Johnny

Rushing, P4 George William Rushing

Spearmon, SGT James B

Vickery, PFC Clarke Kemble

Webber, PFC Floyd Dean

Montgomery, 1 Killed In Action

Baldwin, PFC Clifton Adair

New Caney, 1 Killed In Action

Holle, SP4 John William

Splendora, 1 Killed In Action

Welch, PSGT Norman Gene

Willis, 1 Killed In Action

Lawson Jr., CPL Johnnie Carl

Waller County
2 Fallen Warriors

Hempstead, 1 Killed In Action

Poole, CPT Otha L

Pattison, 1 Killed In Action

Cormier, SP4 Willis

 VCVA is looking for memories and photos of these 538 soldiers please contact us if you knew any of these soldiers. 

Richard Anderson Medal of honor.jpg

Houston Medal of Honor
Lance Corporal Richard Allen Anderson 
(16 April 1948 – 24 August 1969)

Lance Corporal Richard Allen Anderson was born in Washington, D.C. but grew up in Houston, Texas. He graduated from M.B. Smiley High School located in Houston in May of 1966. He also attended San Jacinto Junior College in Pasadena. Anderson enlisted in the Marine Corps in Houston on April 8, 1968. Upon completion of recruit training with the 2d Recruit Training Battalion, Marine Corps Recruit DepotSan Diego, California, he received individual combat training with the 1st Battalion, 2d Infantry Training Regiment, Marine Corps Base, Camp Pendleton, California, and returned to San Diego to attend Sea School. He was promoted to Private First Class (PFC) effective 1 July 1968. PFC Anderson completed his training in October 1968, and was ordered to the Far East, where he joined Sub Unit #1, Provisional Service Battalion, 9th Marine Amphibious Brigade.

In November 1968, he was reassigned duty with the 3rd Marine Division in the Republic of Vietnam, and served initially as a rifleman with Company D, 1st Battalion, 4th Marines. In January 1969, he assumed duty as scout and, later, Assistant Fire Team Leader with Company E, 3rd Reconnaissance Battalion, 3rd Marine Division. He was promoted to Lance Corporal effective 1 June 1969.

On 24 August 1969, while participating in combat approximately 12 miles northwest of Vandegrift Combat Base in Quang Tri Province, he was serving as an assistant team leader with Company E, in connection with combat operations against an armed enemy. While conducting a patrol during the early morning hours L/Cpl. Anderson's reconnaissance team came under a heavy volume of automatic weapons and machine gun fire from a numerically superior and well concealed enemy force. Although painfully wounded in both legs and knocked to the ground during the initial moments of the fierce fire fight, L/Cpl. Anderson assumed a prone position and continued to deliver intense suppressive fire in an attempt to repulse the attackers. Moments later he was wounded a second time by an enemy soldier who had approached to within 8 feet of the team's position. Undaunted, he continued to pour a relentless stream of fire at the assaulting unit, even while a companion was treating his leg wounds. Observing an enemy grenade land between himself and the other marine, L/Cpl. Anderson immediately rolled over and covered the lethal weapon with his body, absorbing the full effects of the detonation. By his indomitable courage, inspiring initiative, and selfless devotion to duty, L/Cpl. Anderson was instrumental in saving several marines from serious injury or possible death. His actions were in keeping with the highest traditions of the Marine Corps and of the U.S. Naval Service. He gallantly gave his life in the service of his country.


During the Vietnam War and in the following twelve months, 235 Medals of Honor were awarded and since 1978 a further 26 awards have been presented. Of the total of 261 awards, 174 were to the US Army, 15 to the US Navy, 58 to the USMC and 14 to the USAF.[3] These totals do not include the award to the Vietnam Unknown Soldier. Anderson was the only recipient from from the greater Houston area to receive the Medal of Honor. 

ANDERSON Richard Allen.JPG

Houston MIA
Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Henry Bacik

August 27, 1967. Recorded circumstances attributed to: MIA Died while missing in action

Lieutenant Colonel Vladimir Henry Bacik, Served with Marine All-Weather fighter Attack Squadron 533 ( VMA-533 (AW) ), Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG-12), 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW), Third Marine Amphibious Force. n August 27, 1967, MAJ Vladimir H. Bacik and CAPT Paschal G. Boggs were crewmen in a USMC A-6A Intruder (#152639) from Marine All-Weather Fighter Attack Squadron 533 (VMFA [AW]-533), Marine Aircraft Group 12 (MAG-12), 1st Marine Aircraft Wing (1st MAW). MAJ Bacik and his bombardier/navigator departed Chu Lai Airfield, RVN, on a strike over North Vietnam. At approximately 0415 hours, MAJ Bacik reported via radio transmission that he was commencing his run on the target. This was the last contact with the aircraft. Search and rescue (SAR) operations consisting of visual and electronic measures were immediately conducted. An intermittent, weak beeper signal was heard but a bearing could not be obtained. The signal quickly terminated and was not heard again. SAR operations terminated at 1446 on August 27, 1967, with negative results. Both crewmen were listed as Missing in Action. Their remains have not been located. Bacik was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel and Boggs to Major while missing. [Taken from]


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