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The Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument

The Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument began as one mans dream to fulfill the collective need to pay tribute to the fallen warriors of Harris, Brazoria, Galveston, Montgomery, Waller, Liberty, Chambers, and Fort Bend counties. These warriors made the heroic and ultimate sacrifice in Vietnam, and we will ensure that their sacrifice will never be forgotten. The Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument honors 544 men and women who served our country. Including Bacik, LTC Vladimar - MIA, Missing in Action and Anderson, LCPL Richard Allen a medal of honor winner. This monument is a powerful and fitting tribute to their sacrifice.  

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Memorial Monoliths

This monument displays the names and the rank of fallen service members who registered into service while they resided in the Houston area. The front of the monument  is 100 % natural polished granite to honor and depict each of the U.S.A. military branches. The names inscribed will last indefinitely.

The Obelisk

At the center of the plaza is a tablet that depict a map of Vietnam and surrounding countries.  At the base of the monoliths are grey granite pavers to honor all men and women veterans who served in any capacity or branch of service Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Coast Guard. 

Visitors Information

The monument is located at Veterans Memorial Park (1896 Tidwell Road) and is open to the public.


The park is open from dawn until 10:00 pm. Veterans Park currently has the Walk to Remember which includes a World War II monument. 

Veteran's Memorial Park


Currently the Veterans’ Memorial Park on Tidwell spreads across grounds that are mostly bare prior to the Witness of Freedom created by Rosalinda Toro, a native of South America who has resided in Houston since 1999. Today she has created a round central plaza with a mosaic wall from twenty official campaign ribbons and vertical structure suggesting trees from the battlegrounds of American wars. There are currently two benches for our main donors and personalized pavers honoring the men and women who served in any capacity. Learn about donating a personal paver.

As funds are allotted, we also wish to have a sound system where names of these fallen warrior will be read,  as well as LED Lights, and security cameras. 

Today this park is mostly used for recreational purposes and on occasion you will see Marines running on these grounds. We want to add to the Veterans Memorial Park to make it appeal to our Veterans community and their loved ones as well as for residents who wish to honor these gallant men and women. The Greater Houston area is home to more than 300,000 veterans, the second largest veteran population in the United States. The largest population of Veterans in Houston served in Vietnam.

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Donate To The Mission!

Be part of this great cause and make a donation today!

By making a charitable contribution to the Vietnam Combat Veterans Association, a 501(c)3 Organization, you are helping us to ensure those who served our country with honor and remembered forever.


A collection of photos from Monument Row at Veteran's Memorial Park.

Our grand opening is expected to be Veterans Day , November 11, 2022

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