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    Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument

In Remembrance For All Those That Served

 It's Our Duty To REMEMBER

When you travel through Texas, you will see towns that have Vietnam memorials or monuments dedicated to our fallen comrades that were killed in action during the Vietnam War.

Now Houston has one for the 544 men and women from Harris, Waller, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Liberty, and Galveston Counties who paid the ultimate sacrifice. Many of the veterans and their families we know have never had the privilege of traveling to Washington D.C.


The Vietnam Combat Veterans Association of Houston has changed this. We honor these fallen

warriors and preserve history.

The grand opening was on November 10, 2022. This historical monument is located at Veterans Memorial Park (1896 Tidwell Rd.) This is free and open to the public. 

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Houston History Project

Online Tribute To Vietnam Fallen Warriors

Houston’s strongest men and women gave up their lives for the freedom we all have today. That’s what American soldiers do; they protect us all so we can have unalienable rights. It’s something too many of us take for granted. The Vietnam War will become no more than statistics unless we preserve the facts. The Vietnam Combat Veteran Association wants to collect the biographical information and photographs for each of these 544 service members who enlisted while residing in the greater Houston area:


Harris, Brazoria, Fort Bend, Montgomery, Waller, Liberty, Chambers, and Galveston counties.


Please click the button below to see their name, as information is received, we will add this to our everchanging website. Our goal is to ensure our younger generation will know these unsung Houston heroes and to build an unbreakable link from the past to the present. If you are a family member or brother in arms please contact the Vietnam Combat Veterans Association.

Thank You To Our Sponsors

The Vietnam Combat Veterans Association would like to thank the individuals and organizations, without whom none of this would be a reality. We would also like to acknowledge the city of Houston's Office of Veteran's Affair, Council Members Karla Cisneros and Mike Knox, and Harris County Commissioner Adrian Garcia for their unwavering support. 


You Can Make A Difference 

Share Veteran Story

 We call on all Vietnam veterans and their loved ones to share service stories during this time of commemoration. VCVA is dedicated to conserving the unique memories . 

Honor A Hero

Each paver is inscribed with an individual’s name military rank service, dates of service and honors. Pavers may also be purchased to honor a group or unit that served. 

Tax Deductible Donate

As a self-sustaining not-for-profit, your donation ensures that future generations will always appreciate our nation’s Veterans and gain a deeper understanding of this era. 

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Commander of VCVA

Ben Gutierrez


This Vietnam Fallen Warriors Monument started as a wish to give visitors a glimpse into the lives of these 544 men and women from the Houston area. I hope it will bring closure to loved ones and fellow Vietnam Vets who cannot travel to D.C., and a way to preserve history. Many of these fighting men saw combat, bloodshed, and death that left a significant impact on their lives. We were not welcomed home or held in high esteem but good can come out of tragedy if we document, read, and remind today’s generation of why history must never be repeated.

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